Your easyLead Retrieval System

netkey spin-off

LEADU is a netkey spinoff that focuses on delivering bleeding edge technology that meet the high quality standards of netkey products.

Our Lead Retrieval System makes it easy for exhibitors to capture personal data of visitors and stay in contact with them to turn them into customers.

Data of individual persons is collected by simply scanning their badge. The retrieved information will be stored in your personal LEADU-database. To get to know your contacts better and further enrich your data you can add more detailed information about visitors via your own questionnaire.

All collected data is readily available and can be exported any time as Excel- or CSV-file. This allows for easy import into your preferred CRM.

Leadu at a Glance


Instant participants contact information

All collected information is available to you at any time.

Standardized API

Professional APIs guarantee seamless integration and trouble-free operation.

High secured infrastructure

LEADU operates on highest security standards. You data is 100% secure with us, all the time.

Real-time cloud sync

Collected data will be synced in real-time with your personal LEADU-database. In case Internet connectivity is interrupted, the scanner devices will continue to work just fine.

Online/offline capability

Operation of LEADU-App, is independent of continuous Internet connectivity. As soon as an Internet connection is available data will be synced with your LEADU-database.

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